Salmon River Flow

Currently, the Salmon River flow is 1510 cubic feet per second.
SRF is a real-time value directly from the USGS. If it says unavailable, please see the up to the minute historical water flow charts here.

There is nothing quite like salmon fishing. The joy of angling in a quaint river bed is an experience only few cherish. Not anymore! We offer excellent salmon fishing and trout fishing packages on the scenic Salmon River NY. Come experience the true Salmon fishing with the professionals.

Introduction to Salmon River

Salmon river, a natural wonder located in the heart of Tug Hill (Oswego County, New York), is renowned for its abundant reserves of king salmon. Each fall, the river becomes a hub for people looking for excellent brown trout and steelhead fishing. Not only is the Salmon river the primary salmon fishing and angling destination but also a recreational spot for families and professionals angler alike.

So, what makes Salmon so attractive: large size, continuous flow due to upstream dams, heavy stock of Chinook salmon released from state hatchery located nearby and scenic locations. The cities Pulasky NY and Altmar NY offer great places to stay and relax. For salmon fishing anglers, Chinook Salmon is the chief fish followed closely by steelhead and brown trout. There are also traces of Atlantic salmon and largemouth/smallmouth bass thrown in. These Salmon weighing about 5-18 pounds present quite a challenge to the salmon fishing anglers.


In the late 1800’s Lake Ontario was filled to the brim with Atlantic Salmon. This was the golden age of salmon fishing. However, over-fishing and pollution deteriorated the salmon numbers in the lake and its tributaries. Conscious efforts were made to stock the lake with Chinook and rainbow trout but to no avail. Up to the 1960’s the Salmon River sport fishing could not pick up. In the 1960’s, the sport fishing (especially salmon fishing) in Lake Ontario watershed was being promoted widely by the New York state. Large stocks of Chinook, steelhead, Coho salmon and brown trout were maintained to artificially fill up Lake Ontario (plus its tributaries) to promote salmon fishing. Today, the stock runs into millions of Chinook and steelhead every year and releases them through the state owned hatchery.

Salmon River Fish Hatchery

Ever since its inception in 1981, the Salmon River Fish Hatchery has been at the heart of salmon fishing. Located at Beaverdam Brook, it raises the following fishes annually:

• Coho Salmon: 250,000
• Chinook Salmon: 3.2 Million
• SteelHead: 750,000
• Brown Trout: 300,000
• Landlocked Salmon: 150,000

Salmon Challenges on Golden 12 Miles

The prime salmon angling opportunities are spread on a 12 miles stretch on the Salmon River. it starts from the mouth of the salmon river and ends at the Lighthouse Reservoir Dam. There are two dams operated by Orion Power, a local power company. The lower dam is called Lighthouse Hill Reservoir and the higher dam is known as Salmon River Reservoir. Salmon River falls, where prime angling and salmon fishing activity takes place, is situated in between these two dam reservoirs.
Fishing for native species such as Brook and Rainbow trout is permitted atop the dams. Monster Walleye pike is available during May-June. The prime time for trophy Steelhead, rainbow trout and brown trout is March and April. The public access to the salmon fishing and angling destinations are possible because the New York State controls the major salmon fishing easements on the entire length of the Salmon River. Remember, DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) does not allow snagging hooks at Salmon River.

Get the True Salmon River Experience

There are many lodges and small firms that offer exclusive salmon fishing experience on the marvelous Salmon River. These experts will help you discover the trophy salmon that you deserve. Angling is the prime source of income for these firms. From hardcore fishing gear to fly tying accessories and from line drift gear to fishing knot overview, these firms will guide you at every step. Some also provide charter fishing packages on Salmon river and boat rentals are amongst the lowest in the area. These trout fishing professionals have years of experience in angling and know just the right locations and salmon fishing techniques.